Striving to be the Best at Digital Printing Services in Oklahoma

If you were to ‘Google’ “signs Oklahoma” or “digital printing services in Oklahoma,” you would be faced with a long list of options from which to choose.   Right?  Seriously. Try it, and you’ll see. While that may be worrisome to most companies, it isn’t to us. Why, you might ask? Well, because we are constantly striving to set ourselves above the rest when it comes to our work and what we can offer to our customers.

When you scan the list that Google gave you, you’ll see that we aren’t the oldest in town, and we aren’t the newest in town, so our “claim to fame”, so to speak, is our customer service. It truly is our top priority, and that shows with the amount of repeat business we enjoy. We have been blessed with customers that have been with us since the beginning, and that speaks volumes about our ability to effectively meet the needs of anyone who walks through our door.

And speaking of walking through our door… When you do, you don’t have to worry about being shuffled in and out by someone who is interested in little more than just putting in their time. Our team of professionals is dedicated to serving you, the customer, and making sure that they have taken care of your needs by the time you leave. Oh! And the owner, John, is right there with them, striving to be the first point of contact when someone new comes in. If he happens to be out of the office at the time, it doesn’t stop him from getting to know that customer. He will make a point to contact him or her to ensure that we have done everything to meet expectations.

We always strive to run our shop as efficiently as possible. We try to greet each of our customers by first name when entering, and take care of their needs as timely as possible.   Although there are certain times that we may be extremely busy and not have as fast a turnaround on projects as others, we will do our best to meet deadline needs. As a team, we realize that customers like you are what keeps us in business, and if we take care of you, you will take care of us. We enjoy being able to say that many of our new customers come through referrals from our existing customers with whom we have built business relationships over the years.

At Signarama of Oklahoma City, our goal has always been to take care of our customers by delivering top quality products with the highest level of professionalism, service, and efficiency. By sticking to these principles, we have been (and will continue to be) successful.

New Printing Technology Allows For Higher Quality, Bigger Jobs, Faster

Direct to substrate flatbed digital printing. Just what does that mean, you ask? Well, for our customers, it means more options in signage, quicker job completion times, and less waste, so that we can keep costs low. We understand that technology is in a constant state of evolution, and that you probably don’t care about the minute specifics of this new piece of equipment; however, we also understand that you DO care about what this new piece of machinery can do for you and your business! So, for the sake of simplicity – and because we all love lists – let us just run down the basics.

  • Using inkjet printing, it can reproduce digital images with additional capabilities that some of the older generation printers were not capable of doing.
  • It can print on any hard surface material up to 2 inches thick, including paperboard, plastic, wood, metal, tile, glass, Formica, etc.
  • By printing direct to the substrate, there is no cutting and mounting required, eliminating extra materials, time, and expense.
  • With a 4’ x 8’ printer bed, it allows for large format printing.
  • The resolution, visual acuity, and vibrant color are superior to early printing equipment.
  • The ink used is fade-resistant, lending to a multi-year life expectancy for the finished product.
  • With color matching capabilities, you can count on a consistent appearance from one substrate to another – very important for branding and advertising.
  • Quick drying ink and one-sheet solutions leads to less material needed for a final print and less time for you to wait for your project.

What it comes down to, is that this digital flatbed printer is a game changer!  Not only for us, but mostly for our customers. We now have the capability to say “of course we can!” to jobs that were previously out of our reach because of a quick turnaround requirement. It has helped to streamline our operations so that our team of experts at Signarama execute product faster and with the same high quality that you have become accustomed to. Whether you’re an organization needing to promote a special event, a business looking to advertise your firm, or a committee chair needing political or campaign signs, our professionals will take care of you.